John Hoerner is a veteran retailer with 56 years’ experience. He's been the man at the top of multiple high street brands for The Burton Group and Arcadia with more than 2,500 outlets in the UK (including Debenhams, Wallis, Dorothy Perkins, Evans, Miss Selfridge, Topman, Topshop), Chairman of The British Fashion Council (London Fashion Week) and CEO of Tesco's clothing in both the UK and Central Europe.

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How To Sell

Recipes for Retail

Comments & FEEDBACK

Quotations from letters and emails received:

“I enjoyed the psychology of huge print on left-hand pages to get your attention, which then impelled you to read the facing page to learn even more!  The interesting but vague recipes make you use your initiative and imagination.  I hope a lot of people, not just retailers get to read this book.”​
Daphne Estlick - UK

“I loved it.  Simple and to-the-point, but very insightful. – liked the sense of humour.”​
Megan McGlinn – USA

“I understand now why it took 5 years to write!  Every word is gold and I am thoroughly enjoying the read.”​
Nadia Alexandrou - UK

“How to Sell”, without question, can be wisely used by all of us, no matter what kind of business we are in.  I am impressed by the large print headlines which introduce the subjects.”
John Steele – USA

“Enjoyed your book, as usual, total common sense talk and also brilliant, understandable and helpful for those of us not in retail.”
Alexander Ward – UK

“My kind of book – succinct and to the point!
Amanda Hyndman – Thailand

“I enjoyed the simplicity, honesty, common sense and wisdom provided in a fun and interesting way.
Bonnie Beezley – USA

“The chapter on people is a lesson to us all…this will be a very important publication.”
Susanna Stranders – UK

“... your book is fantastic!. Business relevant, informative, funny, inspiring and insightful. To be honest I think it's applications extend far beyond retailing to most businesses on the planet.”
Carol Gaskell – UK

“…very relevant to today’s retail challenges, of which there are many!”
Belinda Earl - UK

“One of my new favorite quotes from your book is  ‘We must form perfect models in thought and look at them continually or we will never carve them out into grand and noble lives’  Mary Baker Eddy   That is such a brilliant thought.”  I love it that your books include these wonderful quotes because you pick up these bits of wisdom in the morning and ponder them through the day. .  Thank you once again for the most wonderful book.”
Rachel Robinson – Cincinnati, Ohio USA

“I am loving the book – your quotes on the left are brilliant; so many wonderful examples:  'Almost no one really NEEDS what they buy from your store – the trick is to make them want to buy!’  and your customer insights, marketing, stock etc and I love:  ‘Be second, be really good and be the best value’.  Anyway, I could list loads – they are great.”
Dena McCallum – UK - Consultant

“The book is really useful – I feel that people should read it on university or when they start to work for retailers… :-)”
Katerina Modra – Czech Republic

“... a 5 star rating. … many great ideas for business in general.”

Deedie Steele – USA

“I have spent the last day reading through the various section of this excellent book and have to say that I thoroughly enjoyed it! Many brought a smile to my face as I remembered your coaching particularly around stock management in clothing…
The way the book is structured the book is excellent, simple and to the point which encapsulates what retailing should be all about.”
Bob Robbins – former Chief Executive of Tesco Central Europe 

“… a very honest account of retail and to some extent life! And for me, at times, very funny. We will certainly place it on our reading lists.”
David Backhouse M Des RCA,  Programme Leader : Fashion Design, University of Leeds - UK

“I have loved reading your book.  It is excellent and your personality shines through in the way you write.  I can hear you saying so many of those words… love the big font on the headlines.”
Jane Storm, UK

“Thank you for sending me your book on business thinking and retailing for success.  It is full of good advice backed an energetic and fun approach to life….that JH “chuckle” is always present.”
Stephen Quinn, UK, Publishing Director of Vogue Magazine

“… the book is remarkable and provides so much of value not just for people in the retail trade but it highlights so many issues that are important to anyone in management or indeed aspires to leadership in all its forms. I particularly liked the way you were able to correlate flying and management. Not something I would ever have considered but how correct you are.”
 Wing Commander Mike Sedman, RAF Retired

“It is written incredibly clearly, and is full of important information about life as well as retailing. I particularly like the way it is laid out, so that that even complicated concepts are easy to digest – for example the large type on the left hand pages to introduce a new idea, which is then expanded with more detail on the right.”
Georgia Coleridge - UK

“A fabulous guide or tool for anyone in retail! Very cleverly written with fun details and examples; and yet, very professional.  I agree with every reviewer.  It should be required for anyone in management or a trainee to get fundamental down-to-earth advice for succeeding in business. Many current retailers have forgotten or choose to ignore (this) and as a result have lost business.  Some retailers are so big they cannot and do not care about every store that's out there.”
Theresa Kugrens - USA

“…love it. It's simplified and easy to remember and it makes a lot of sense. I will re- read it again and again.  … the book will be seen as a gold mine for all retailers.”
Leslie Fairless - UK

“..finished reading it today…loved it. I need to get some more copies as would like to send to a few people I know who could do with reading it!”
Julia Reynolds - UK

“…really good… a "feature message " on the left hand page… to make sure we remember!”
Kim Morton Longman - UK

“I can remember fondly some of the quotes, and the invaluable advice you gave me in our time working together…I will be keeping Recipes for retailers handy !”
Mark Laxton - UK

“I can see why the retailers in the back raved about this book.  It seems to me to have all you need to know to retail right. Every retailer in the U.S. needs this book.  Lots of their staff don't seem to understand (or care) what is in the store.”
Marshall Bruce - USA

“The statements apply to much wider audience than just retail.”
Phyllis Walters - UK

“There is plenty of sagely advice for anyone associated with the retail industry and leadership in general…learning from a master!”
Richard Wildman - UK

“The book is great! - ..a very interesting, gripping read!  I totally agree with your thoughts on ‘loyalty’.”
Kathryn Griffin - UK

“I have already lent it to two of our CEO’s!!”
Neela Montgomery, Otto Group - Germany

“The book is a story of success, passion, is exciting, informative, authentic, and shows warmth for customers, employees, suppliers and fairness for all”
J Dan Boswell - USA

“I've enjoyed reading the book - there is so much value in there.  You have several audiences - inspiration for management, 'how to' for the young ambitious up and comers.  Also people would love to get their hands on the spreadsheets and would pay for just that.”
Virginia Simpson - UK

“… it’s a brilliant read [it reads like you describing it in person!] and covers all the points I wished I’d have made notes on and many more!
What’s even more pleasing for me, is that my 10year son is now reading it. Over the recent years he has started to show an interest in retailing [or at least making money!] and as a result he often asks me what I do at work, your book is very helpful in describing what I should be doing!!”
Simon Ellis - Thailand

“… fantastic- so much wisdom that resonates- real truths about our business. I think it will be a great success and a must read for people at all levels.”
Alison Halstead - UK

“When I started to glance through the various chapters I felt that at the stroke of a pen the word ‘Retailers’ could easily be changed to any number of professions, trades or similar, certainly for many of the chapters.  There are lessons for all of us; too numerous to mention here…a great book to keep dipping in and out of.”
Bryan Walters - UK

“Loving your book!  It would make excellent reading for retailers down here in New Zealand where sometimes I think retailing is still in its infancy!  Much of the advice is applicable to other businesses too, and the recipes at the end are GREAT!!”

Elly Blanche, former British Flying Instructor/Examiner, now Decorative Artist, living in New Zealand

“I love the fact that it's so easy to read, pragmatic and simple.”
Kanaiya Parekh - Hong Kong

“The book is brilliant…makes me realise just how much we over-complicate retailing- it is really so much about common–sense and logical thinking!”
Jane Rome - Insight Strategy, London

“A great read! - I am using some of the ideas tomorrow in a store manager's meeting.  We are enjoying good sales but are concentrating on improving the customer experience.  I am going to advise the managers to buy this book!”
Angelina Blackburne - Retail Area Manager, UK

“I am absolutely delighted with your book. It's like having you in the room!
Straight to the point.  No nonsense and easy to understand.  Many Thanks.”

Elaine Hoy - Australia

“I just finished the book "How to Sell", and that was a BIG WOW experience - it was almost impossible to leave the book and go to work. This inspired me to become an even greater cook. Page 193 about opportunities is a good story!!”
Alida Christiansen - Retail Area Manager, Denmark

"It is intensely satisfying to read a book by someone who really knows what they're talking about - having 'Been There, Done That' at the highest level. John Hoerner, who has been the Big Boss at most of Britain's important retailers, takes trouble to explain precisely how its done, step by step, and the pitfalls to watch out for.
Anyone who reads this book will have a major advantage over their rivals in the race to the boardroom. It should be a mandatory set text on every business and retail marketing course."

Nicholas Coleridge CBE - President,
Conde Nast International UK
(Brides, Glamour, GQ, House & Garden, Tatler, Vanity Fair, Vogue, Wired, The World of Interiors)

“What an achievement!  It might have been handy to have been able to read it whilst still in the CEO role for either Weetabix or Müller”
Ken Wood, former CEO Weetabix and Müller - UK

“I am sure to learn something valuable.”
Jonathan Newhouse – Chairman & Chief Executive of Conde Nast International UK 

“Insightful, surprising, interesting, fun and funny.”
Ani Depasse - Switzerland

“I am still finding ways that your book applies to my life and business experience – good for sales people in all companies.”
Carol Degler - USA

“A proper capstone to a very full and successful career in retailing.”
Charles Culp - USA

“…astute one-liners, many of them applicable to other business and life behaviour generally. When I eventually get round to refurbishing my office, I plan on having a black or white board where short but apt quotes can be noted. I've already spotted several of these to go on it.”
Dani Lee - UK

“A very very good book.  I would say it is a must for any retailer, large or small.   We are already implementing your ideas in our shops.”
Dave Grantham - UK

“I totally agree … cooking is an art and requires great skills, focus and timing, just like running a successful business.”
Fredrik Blomqvist - China

​“I love the book. It is such an "easy read;"  refreshing to read a book that is so easily understood and cuts right to the bottom line. … use of large type styles to make key points is so helpful; makes it difficult to forget!”
Hal Hoerner - USA

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