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John Hoerner is a veteran retailer with 56 years’ experience. He's been the man at the top of multiple high street brands for The Burton Group and Arcadia with more than 2,500 outlets in the UK (including Debenhams, Wallis, Dorothy Perkins, Evans, Miss Selfridge, Topman, Topshop), Chairman of The British Fashion Council (London Fashion Week) and CEO of Tesco's clothing in both the UK and Central Europe.

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What retailers who know John Hoerner say about this book:

“I thoroughly recommend this book - it contains much of the wisdom I have gained from John in the last 13 years…it reads much like most of the conversations I've had with John …tough love and truth, not feel good theory - you will have learnt a lot and be better for having read this book.”

Jason Tarry – Commercial Director of Tesco UK and International

“John Hoerner has been an inspiration for many generations of retailers…this book will become an essential read for anyone in retail or anyone who wants to understand retailing better…it covers all of the key ingredients which any successful retailer needs.”
Mike Sharp – CEO Debenhams Department Stores

“This book epitomises John’s approach to business, short, simple, entertaining and above all effective. His great achievement during his long career has been his ability to teach others and this book now enables more to learn from his experience.”
Richard Brasher, Chief Executive Pick & pay, Cape Town, South Africa, former Chief Executive of Tesco UK

“John makes many of the issues we battle … simple and straightforward. That takes many years of insight... you could save yourself a few years of retail learning pain by reading this book.”
From Neela Montgomery, Chairwoman of Crate & Barrel, Member of the Multichannel Board – Otto Group.

“Every budding executive needs a mentor… Mentoring is just one of the recipes John Hoerner has honed throughout his half a century in retail… “Recipes for Retailers” will give everyone the chance to learn from his experience. It is a book I wish I had written!”
Terry Green – Retail Consultant, Former Chief Executive of Debenhams, Top Shop, BHS, Allders, and Tesco UK Clothing.

“I learnt more from John alone than all others put together in my 30+ years in retail. He has made a huge impact on UK retail…dependant on his wit, wisdom and extraordinary attention to detail. His insights and words of wisdom and well worth reading and reflecting upon and likely help you create your own recipes for success!”
Phil Wrigley – Chairman of Hobbs, Chairman of Majestic Wines, former Chairman of New Look

“A 'Master Class' for retailers... it's good thought-provoking stuff and will become an essential reference guide to management excellence. John's achievements in Business are a matter of record ,his impact on countless aspiring executives is less well known, but treasured by them all.”
Mike Goring – Operations Director of Debenhams, former Operations Director Arcadia Group

“I have used most of the advice John gives in this book and it does work. In fact it is so simple and common sense, you'll wish you had thought of it yourself.”them all.”
Christophe Roussel - International Clothing Consultant, Former Head of Tesco International Sourcing

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